"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Stemming from the need of our country to young leaders in medical education, clinical research, and professional exchange, we dreamed about the change. Dreams became ideas, ideas turned into plans, and finally, an enthusiastic team which is special for its diversity, from undergraduates, postgraduates to even consultants, all gathering and discussing solutions towards improving the health system in our country.

The RCP London-Iraq Network was established early in 2021 by a group of members and fellows led by our international advisor in the RCP, Dr.Hilal Al-Saffar.

Our Vision

To improve health and health care in Iraq through better education, health service provision, and advocacy.

Objectives Of the RCP Iraq Network

  • Develop medical workforce to improve healthcare delivery and design.

  • Develop learning materials/CPD for students/physicians and work in collaboration with RCP for accreditation.

  • Collaborate with local partners and organizations to improve healthcare design and delivery.

Our Mission

  • Establishing small clinics providing high-quality health service managed by RCP members from in and outside Iraq.

  • Providing advice for newly graduated doctors for their career development and training opportunities through RCP medical training initiative MTI.

  • Improving awareness of modern concepts of both under and postgraduate medical education in Iraq, creating young leaders in this field, giving advice and support to modernize medical curricula.

  • Spread the culture of high-quality scientific research among the whole spectrum of learners, medical students – specialists, and provide advice to researchers.

  • Introducing part three MRCP(PACES) examination to be in Iraq.

The Iraqi project is now a showcase for the world to see how motivated and consistent we are towards the change.

Be part of this mission, and contact us through our official email: info@rcpiraqnetwork.net

RCP Iraq steering committee 2022

Medical Education Subgroup

”Basic Course in Medical Education”

  • Aim: The main aim of this project is to prepare young leaders in medical education who will act as change agents for better health service provision in Iraq.

  • Targeted audience: Medical students and others were interested in medical education.

  • Delivery: Virtual over Zoom platform, twice monthly, for six structured modules:

  • Module One: Why medical education?
  • Module Two: Learning.
  • Module Three: What is expected from the teacher? | The teachers
  • Module Four: How can students learn effectively? | The students.
  • Module Five: How can learning be organized in a curriculum? | The curriculum.
  • Module Six: How do we know if the student has learned? | Assessment.

Research and Scientific Activity

”Capacity building of conducting & publishing medical research course”


    The course was structured into six modules about the following:
  • – What is the evidence-based medicine module.
  • – Basics of writing a research protocol.
  • – Art of using study designs and biostatistics in conducting medical research.
  • – Critical appraisal, the art of reading a medical research
  • – how to write a research article to be published in a medical journal.
  • – Literature review.


The RCP London-Iraq Network was established early in 2021 by a group of members and fellows led by our international advisor in the RCP, Dr.Hilal Al-Saffar.

Elective training for undergraduates in the UK

The RCP Network supports undergraduate clinical training in the UK and one student has made it for two months of training in Bristol.

  • – Problem-solving strategies focus on the gaps currently present in the medical education system and how to fill those gaps within the curriculum.
  • – Medical courses for the medical staff and educators.
  • – Preparing young leaders in medical education.
  • – Development of shadowing programs run by newly graduated.
  • – Courses on Communication skills and professionalism.
  • – Basic and advanced life supports.
  • -Clinical electives in the UK.

Medical Training Initiative

The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a UK scheme that allows a fixed number of international medical graduates to work and train within the NHS for a maximum of 24 months.

Five Iraqi doctors have been chosen this year to participate in the program.