Day One, Module One Why Medical Education?

Day One, Module One: “Why Medical Education?”


❖ Importance of Medical Education, By Dr.Hilal Al-Saffar.

❖ Experience of Sulaymaniyah College of Medicine with Medical Education, By Dr. Twana Abdulrahman Rahim.


  • Hilal Al-Saffar

The international advisor for the RCP London.

Consultant cardiologist and the head of the scientific committee in the red crescent society,Member of the National Assessors Team – the National Council for Accreditation of Medical Colleges in Iraq (NCAMC).


  • Twana Abdulrahman Rahim

Professor of Psychiatry Dean of College of Medicine, University of Sulaymaniyah.

Objectives of Day one, Module One:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the significance and impact of medical education.

  • Recognize the historical context and evolution of medical education in the world and the steps done in Iraq.


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