Exciting News! Introducing our latest course launch: “Capacity Building for Conducting andPublishing Medical Research.”

Exciting News! Introducing our latest course launch: “Capacity Building for Conducting and
Publishing Medical Research.”
Are you a medical enthusiast eager to dive into the world of research and publication? Our
courses have got you covered!
Join us as we embark on a knowledge-packed journey to explore:
● Evidence-based medicine and its synergy with medical research.
● Crafting impeccable research protocols.
● Unveiling the secrets of various study designs.
● Navigating biostatistics even if you’re not a statistician.
● Mastering the art of decoding medical research articles.
● Transforming your insights into impactful medical journal publications.
Want to see if you are qualified? This course is tailor-made for:
● Advanced medical students stepping into the higher stages.
● Junior doctors seeking research knowledge.
● Practicing physicians with a curiosity for research and publication.
Where & When? We’re going virtual! Join us on Zoom for 5 comprehensive modules, each
spanning 2 hours, to fully equip you with the tools you need.
Our organizer and esteemed lecturer, Dr. Shakir Mahmood Muhammed (FRCP, FICMS Internal
Medicine, FICMS Respiratory Medicine), brings his expertise to guide you through this enriching
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your medical research skills! Register
and unlock the doors to a world of impactful knowledge and publication success. �

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