Handling Stress and Burnout Session

Join us for an insightful session with Eathar Aljubori, a dedicated 4th year medical student from Kufa University, as she delves into a crucial topic for anyone in the medical field.

🎯 Handling Stress and Burnout

Discover useful coping tips to survive and thrive in the tough world of medicine.

🎯 Why You Should Tune In:

Get the scoop on what really causes all that stress and burnout.

Learn practical strategies to manage stress and enhance resilience.

Hear stories from someone who’s right there with you in the trenches.

👋 Who’s This For? Everyone! Especially med students and healthcare professionals who want to keep their cool under pressure.

⏰ Join us on 18th april
at 9:00 pm

🔗 Zoom Link :


Meeting ID: 885 6314 5188
Passcode: 286873

Stay Tuned☄

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