Module Five ,Day one “Curriculum”

Module Five ,Day one “Curriculum”

Date : 17 of August 2023.

Content :
❖ How medical curricula are designed by dr.Naseer Al-Maliki.
❖ Open discussion about curricular design and implementation in Iraq by dr. Naseer Al-Maliki.

Dr.Hilal Al-Saffar
The international advisor for the RCP London.
Consultant cardiologist, expert in medical education and was the head of the medical education unit at Baghdad University College of Medicine, He is the head of the scientific committee in the Red crescent society, and member of the National Assessors Team in the National Council for Accreditation of Medical Colleges in Iraq (NCAMC).

Dr.Naseer Al-Maliki
Senior general and laparoscopic surgeon Dean of Wasit College of medicine.

Dr. Mustafa Sabeeh
Junior doctor and lecturer from
Wait College of Medicine member in the scientific subgroup of RCP Iraq Network.

Objectives :

•Gain an overview of the process and principles involved in medical curricula design.
•Identify common challenges in curricular design and implementation and explore strategies to address them effectively.
•Familiarize themselves with a range of educational strategies used in medical education.
•Comprehend the concept and principles of Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) and its relevance in modern medical curricula.
•Develop practical skills for incorporating CBME principles into medical curricula to enhance competency-based learning outcomes.
•Identify the main factors influencing the implementation of modern medical curricula in Iraq.
•Familiarize themselves with the SWOT analysis and SMART model for course design.
•Point out the major obstacles in conducting medical curriculum online using E-Learning and their proposed solutions.

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