Module Four, Day One: “Students”

Module Four, Day One: “Students”

 Date:10th of August, 2023


Roles of students by dr.Umniah Khajori & Mustafa Al-Shareefi

❖Learning styles by dr. Hasanein Al-Taiar


Dr.Hasanen Al-Taiar

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

IMG Tutor

Visiting Psychiatrist HMP Bullingdon

Vice Chair of Royal College of

Psychiatrists, South Eastern Division Oxford
Health NHS Foundation Trust

 Dr. Umniah Khajori

Junior doctor and lecturer at
BaghdadUniversity College of Medicine.Head of the junior’s committee on RCP
Iraq Network.


Mustafa Al-Shareefi

6th-year medical student from Baghdad
University College of Medicine.



*  Develop a holistic understanding of the roles of students in the
learning process.

*  Appreciate the role of students as change agents in medical education.

*  Tailor study strategies and approaches based on individual learning
styles for improved academic outcomes.



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