Module Four, Day Two: “Students”

Module Four, Day Two: “Students”

Date: 11th of August, 2023

Content :

❖ How to be a professional student by Dr. Ali Mansour

❖ Building academic portfolio by Dr. Nazar Haddad



Dr. Ali Mansour

Ph. D. Microbiology, Clinical Immunology, teaching faculty at the University of Karbala College of Medicine, the scientific assistant of the college, a research fellow at the Faimer International Institute (IFI) in the United States of America, Member of NCAMC Iraq.

Dr. Nazar S. Haddad

MBChB FIBMS (Chem. Path), FAACC Ass. Prof. of Chemical Pathology

Consultant at al faiha diabetic endocrine & metabolic center, Member of Medical Education Council in Basrah Medical College

Associate and Executive Editors of the Medical Journal of Basrah University, Member of NCAMC Iraq.


Objectives :

* Construct a robust academic portfolio that effectively showcases achievements and skills.

* Apply the concepts of self and peer feedback to level up their learning

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