RCP/Iraq Junior Steering Committee 2023

The active involvement of junior members in the activities of the Royal College of Physicians, Iraqi Network (RCP-Iraq) serves as a compelling illustration of the collaborative synergy between seasoned professionals and emerging talents eager to contribute and learn. This joint effort materializes across four distinctive groups: the Scientific Group, the Medical Education Group, and the Research Group, elective .
Under the guidance of their supervisors within RCP-Iraq, junior members played an integral role in diverse scientific sessions. These sessions spanned a spectrum of vital topics, showcasing their involvement in preparation, participant engagement, and multifaceted functional roles. From the collaborative creation of the “Basics of Resuscitation in association with UIMA association” to the nuanced interpretation of Chest X-Rays for respiratory disease diagnosis, these juniors showcased their expertise.
The successful outcomes include sessions on:

  • Basics of Resuscitation in association with UIMA association
  • 3rd ECG course in Wasit
  • MDT meeting addressing acute kidney function deterioration leading to dialysis with pneumonia and heart failure
  • Approaches to convulsions, hematuria, and an unconscious patient
  • Optimizing secondary prevention in Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • Interpretation of Chest X-Ray in the Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases
    The triumph of these sessions underscores the effective collaboration between junior members and their dedicated supervisors within the RCP-Iraq framework, fostering a rich learning environment.
    In the arena of medical education, junior participants, hand in hand with their RCP-Iraq supervisors, undertook significant initiatives. These included participation in a “Basic Course in Medical Education,” offering insights into pedagogical approaches. Furthermore, the exploration of “Student Perspective in Medical Education” and understanding the impact of “Role Modeling” demonstrated the juniors’ commitment to enhancing the educational landscape.
    The involvement of juniors in these activities, under the attentive guidance of their RCP-Iraq supervisors, reflects a holistic approach to medical education and underscores the pivotal role of mentorship in shaping future healthcare professionals.
    The Research Group witnessed the active participation of juniors in crafting a course on research methodologies within the RCP-Iraq framework. This included dynamic involvement in interactive workshops, showcasing their dedication to fostering a culture of inquiry and evidence-based practice. Working closely with RCP-Iraq supervisors, junior members contributed to the development and dissemination of essential research skills.
    The collaborative endeavors of juniors and supervisors in the Research Group, under the umbrella of RCP-Iraq, not only contribute to expanding the knowledge base but also emphasize the significance of research in the broader healthcare landscape.

In conclusion, the engagement of juniors in RCP-Iraq activities across scientific, educational , elective and research domains signifies a transformative shift in the collaborative approach to healthcare in Iraq. The invaluable learning experiences gained by working alongside their RCP-Iraq supervisors in unprecedented ways undoubtedly mold these juniors into well-rounded professionals, poised to make meaningful contributions to the field.

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