The RCP Iraq Network’s 3rd Annual Commemoration is Going to Be Live-Streamed on Zoom!

We have got great news for you!

The RCP Iraq Network’s 3rd annual commemoration is going to be live-streamed on Zoom! 

Date: Friday, 1st of December, 2023 

Location: Babylon Rotana Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq

Time: 9:00 AM Baghdad Local Time

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 889 9560 6735
Passcode: 722578

The RCP (Royal College of Physicians) Iraq Network Conference is a prestigious gathering that serves as a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, and academicians to converge and engage in discussions pertaining to the latest advancements in the field of medicine. The scientific scope of this conference is broad and multifaceted, encompassing various disciplines within the healthcare sector. The RCP Iraq Network Conference is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the field of cardiology in Iraq, bringing together leading experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals to explore, discuss, and strategize on the latest developments in cardiovascular medicine. The scientific scope of the conference is focused specifically on cardiology, covering a spectrum of topics essential for progress in this critical medical discipline.

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