steering committee – seniors

The RCP London Iraq Network proudly announces the steering committee for the term 2022-2023 with a fine blend between medical seniors and juniors aiming to work towards promoting health services and developing medical education and empowering clinical research activity.

The consultants and specialists team: 

1. Dr. Hilal Al-Saffar: The international advisor for the RCP London. Consultant cardiologist and the head of the scientific committee in the red crescent society, Member of the National Assessors Team- the National Council for Accreditation of Medical Colleges in Iraq (NCAMC).

2. Dr. Amal Al-Mariyati: Consultant cardiologist, Head cardiology department in Iraqi center for cardiac diseases.

3. Dr. Aram Merza: Consultant cardiologist 

4. Dr. Baseem Natheer: Consultant Otolaryngologist, Member of the National Assessors Team- the National Council for Accreditation of Medical Colleges in Iraq (NCAMC), Head of Medical Education Unit, College of Medicine, Al-Iraqia University

5. Dr. Hasanen Al-Taiar: Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, IMG Tutor

Visiting Psychiatrist HMP Bullingdon

Vice Chair of Royal College of Psychiatrists, South Eastern Division Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

6. Dr. Husam Majeed: Consultant Otolaryngologist, Former dean of Wasit University, lecturer in Wasit University College of medicine.

7. Dr. Mohammed Al-Uzri: Consultant Psychiatrist

Associate Medical Director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Honorary chair, College of Life Sciences

Clinical advisor on Iraq to the Royal College of General Practice.

8. Dr. Mohammed Omar: Head of the Pharmacology Department, School of Medicine Editorial Board of Journal of Kurdistan Accademia Association Editor In chief of Journal of Sulaimani Medical College (JSMC) Program Director, Kurdistan Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Kurdistan Board –CME Advisor for Sulaimani Governorate.  Director of Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialization- Sulaimani. Director of Sulaimani center For Arab Board for Medical Specialty.

9. Dr. Mohammed Saed: Professor of internal medicine, Former dean of the University of Kufa, College of medicine.

Expert in medical education especially curriculum design & development portfolio & personal professional development & assessment

10. Dr. Naseer Al-Maliki: Senior general and laparoscopic surgeon.

Dean of Wasit college of medicine

11. Dr. Nasif Al Hemiary: Consultant psychiatrist International associate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2008 Member of Iraq National Mental Health Council- Chair of the Scientific and Ethical Committee Vice president of the Iraqi Society of Addiction Medicine  President of the Iraqi Board of psychiatry. Trained in medical education at Sheffield University.

12. Dr. Omar Mustafa: Associate global director for Middle East and North Africa. Consultant physician in diabetes, and general internal medicine based at King’s College Hospital in London. Honorary senior clinical lecturer at King’s College London and site lead for the quality improvement and evidence-based practice module.

13. Dr. Osama H.Othman: Consultant endocrinologist, lecturer at Kirkuk University, College of Medicine.

14. Dr. Rafid Aziz:MBChB, MSc, MRCA, MRCGP President of UIMA 

15. Riyadh Al-Zubaidi: Consultant cardiologist. Professor of internal medicine at Karbala college of medicine. 

Dean of Karbala college of medicine.

16. Dr. Safa Al-Muktar: Associate professor of medicine and nephrology in Hawler medical University/Iraq The program director of the transplantation program in Kurdistan/Iraq Head of the council of medicine in Kurdistan board The program director of nephrology subspecialty in Kurdistan Secretary-General of the Arab society of kidney disease and transplantation

17. Dr. Shakir Mahmood: Consulatnt pulmonologist. Editor in chief of the Iraqi New Medical Journal. Member of the scientific committee at ministry of health in Iraq. Head of research and knowledge management section at the national centre for training and human development.

18. Dr. Summer Saad:Consultant gastroenterologist and Hepatologist lecturer in Kirkuk Medical college ,teaching GIT Medicine & Physiology  

19. Dr. Thikra Al-Wattar: Consultant Acute & Respiratory Medicine 

Yeovil Hospital, Somerset, Uk

Diploma Thoracic Medicine, London University

Royal college of Physician Educator

Royal College of Physician National  & International PACES examiner.

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